Questions & Answers

How can we can make payment to purchase eSkooly Pro?

You can purchase eSkooly Pro using your Credit or Debit card. You can also buy it using Wire Transfer.

How can I resell eSkooly Pro? Also need more details about Business package. I'm Interested in Business package.

Our business package is a completely white labeled cloud based system. It means you can install it on your own hosting under your domain name. In the business package you will get complete source code along with documentation and 5 years technical support. Moreover you will get a reseller permit so that you can sell it under your company brand at your own pricing. You will get 50 premium licenses in business package at only $999 In this way you can make a huge profit. Our premium package price is $149 So, Let's do some math $149x50=$7,450 $7,450-$999=$6,451 will be your minimum profit. You can sell one license on your own pricing. Our resellers usually sell one license at $599 In the business package we also offer complete customization and you can also collaborate with our developers in order to understand the code and implement customization.

How can I get technical support?

If you need any technical support please contact us on WhatsApp at +923460204447 for a quick chat or email us on Please note: we don't offer any pre-sale technical support, so always send your order ID with the support request to get an instant reply.

Where I can download/get my mobile Apps?

As in the premium and business packages, you will get branded mobile apps designed with your school logo and name. You need to contact us on WhtasApp at +923460204447 for the download link of your mobile apps. Please note: our team starts the development of your mobile apps once you purchase and install the software online

Can parents pay students fees online?

Absolutely YES! Paying fees online is available. You will get the option to enable and integrate any payment gateway in the pro version. PayPal and Stripe's integration is already there.

Which option is better to manage my school?

eSkooly is the world's most powerful and easiest school management software. You can manage your School, College, Academy, University, Tuition Center, Training Center, or any educational institute with eSkooly. We are the No. 1 Ranked all across the globe with thousands of happy customers. If you're a small School and looking for an easy-to-use digital solution to manage your school and also you don't have much technical knowledge or experience to use the software we will recommend you purchase our basic desktop version from But if you need a complete professional ERP with complete branding and all solution and you have a professional team to operate the system, you must go with the premium package. Our Pro version is usually used by Internation schools, Colleges, and universities. But still, the choice is yours. That is why we provided all the demos to check what suits you best.

What is the difference between eSkooly Desktop and eSkooly Pro?

eSkooly Desktop is a paid version of our basic free eSkooly, that you can download and install on your local computer. It is very easy to operate and doesn't need any extra training or resources. All you need to purchase and install. All of your data will be stored and backed up automatically on eSkooly secured drive in order to allow your students and staff to access their portals online as well as using eSkooly free version and mobile Apps. Our Desktop version is fully secured via asymmetric encryption, which means your data security will be our responsibility. Moreover, you will get the fastest speed which you never experienced before. Our Desktop version is usually used by schools who need easy and reliable solutions. Whereas, eSkooly Pro is completely white-labeled cloud-based software, which means you need to install it on your own hosting under your domain name. As this is the professional version it means it has a complex interface and it needs proper training and time to get familiar.

How we can generate Students, Parents, and Staff logins?

Once you add any new student or staff, the system automatically generates their username and password. The default username will be their email address and default password will be 123456

Is there a Desktop version for the eSkooly Pro?

As our Pro version is a completely white-labeled cloud-based system, it means you can access it from anywhere, anytime, and on any device, So the answer is yes.

What is the difference between eSkooly and eSkooly Pro?

eSkooly is a free online school management software for a lifetime with no limitations. It has limited and basic modules. Whereas eSkooly Pro is an Ultimate Education ERP and it's a full-featured professional paid version.

What languages are the mobile application developed with?

it's flutter based.

Does eSkooly Pro sends the fees reminders to parents or students?

Absolutely YES! Once you assign a new fee to any student system automatically send a notification to both parents and student about the assigned payment.

Is WhatsApp integration is available.

Yes. WhatsApp integration is available in our business package.

Can I upgrade from eSkooly free version to eSkooly Pro?

Unfortunately, you can't upgrade from eSkooly free to eSkooly pro.

Can we extend custom support after one year?

Yes, you can extend our support. It will cost you $17 per year.

Is there any limit for students?

No limitations at all. You can manage unlimited students and staff.

Do you offer any addition discount for Pro version?

Unfortunately, we don't offer any further discount for the pro version as it's already at a discounted price.

How many students can I manage with one licence?


Do we get a school website too?

Absolutely YES. There is a built-in website CMS is available in our Pro version. You don't need any technical person or developer to manage your website because you can do everything quite easily in our Pro version.